COVID-19 and its impact on digital

As you may already know, global sanitary crisis due to COVID-19 is affecting some parts of the music business, like the Live business and Sponsorships, among others. However, the digital environment may be one of the few that is leading to profits in the royalties revenue since the Coronavirus preventive lockdowns started.

One of the reasons is that, as you may have observe, digital releases haven’t stop these days and some artists have found alternative ways of promotion through live steamings, reaching even more public than previously. Which lead us to our business: copyright, and how getting the fair revenue is key for all authors and composers in order to sustain their activity right now.

Overall, communication has proven crucial in these scenario and so we wanted you all to know that we are here for you (and your rights). We want to highlight that we are working our best right now to ensure all the revenue from digital is paid and getting the maximum of our partnerships to make that happen.

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