Welcome to SOLO: global management of all digital rights on one single platform

UNISON will launch SOLO, the platform that enables global management of all digital rights on one single place, providing the most advanced professional tools for any artist to manage their digital rights.

SOLO tracks all digital rights earnings from compositions and recordings in one unique, easy-to-use and transparent dashboard without intermediaries. In addition, it integrates digital distribution for artists and labels, offering a first of its kind comprehensive, holistic management platform for all digital rights, both copyright and master. 

SOLO will enable authors to save time and money and provide more time – and peace of mind – for them to focus on what they are truly passionate about: creating music,” offers Jordi Puy, CEO of UNISON. “SOLO culminates in our passion to simplify digital distribution and copyright management – and it does so in one place, without middlemen and the percentages they take. We can’t wait for you to have a look at the insights SOLO can provide for your catalog”.

120,000 songs are uploaded to digital platforms every day and due to improper data registration and other inefficiencies, hundreds of millions of euros per annum, remain undistributed, or do not find their way to the creator of the work. This can be fixed through efficient, transparent, and unified management of all digital rights – in one place – on a foundation of reliable metadata that guarantees usage is tracked and earnings are paid to those responsible. This is what SOLO guarantees –  through centralised and straightforward management of all digital rights, so no revenue is left unclaimed. 

SOLO will be available via subscription and compatible with any device. The project has been partially financed by the Next Generation EU funds, under the framework of the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan driven by the Government of Spain.

Get to know SOLO at join.solorights.com

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