When did you start running your services?

We started operations in January 1st, 2020. Unison currently has +800 clients from 30 countries and manages 3M works.

How do you work?

· We monitor the use of music through the most advanced technology thanks to our partners.
· We pay on time.

· We analyze the use of music to obtain useful data.
· We manage rights with maximum transparency and efficiency thanks to Blockchain technology.

How can I be a Unison client?

Send us an email at info@unisonrights.com indicating whether you are an author and/or publisher and we will contact you about the steps to follow.

We are currently only accepting clients who meet a series of requirements, so we have to take care of each application on a case-by-case basis.

What are the requirements to be a Unison client?

These are requirements referring to your current copyright management situation, as well as the number and type of works you own.

However, as noted earlier, we will take care of each of the applications on a case-by-case basis.

How can I register my works with you?

Once you are a Unison client we will give you access to our work registration and monitoring online platform.

Do you have to pay any fee to be a Unison client?

No, there is no fixed or annual fee attached to being a Unison client.

Only our administration fees will be discounted off of your royalty income.

How can I withdraw my membership to another collecting society?

It is a fairly simple process, contact us and we will advise and guide you on how to proceed.

Does Unison collect worldwide?

Yes, we collect worldwide. We have direct deals with DSPs and UGCs to collect multi-territorial digital rights, covering Pan-European and beyond.

For the offline, we collect direct in Spain and we have more than 100 representation deals, covering more than 120 countries.

We are a Client RME CISAC Member.

Can I come to your offices for you to inform me about your services?

As of now, we do not offer customer service in our offices, but you can contact us with any questions not reflected in these FAQ: info@unisonrights.com