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Interview with Bruno Mota: His Vision and Future at Unison Rights

Hey everyone, I’m thrilled to introduce you to one of our newest clients here at Unison Rights. We’re beyond excited to welcome Bruno Mota, a powerhouse Portuguese music producer, to the Unison family. Bruno’s impressive track record and innovative approach to music production make him a perfect fit for our roster of clients, and we can’t wait to see the magic he’ll bring to our collaborative community. Without further ado, let’s dive into a casual chat with Bruno about his journey, aspirations, and what’s in store for his bright future with Unison.

Hey Bruno, could you tell us about some of the coolest moments or achievements in your music career so far? And how do you think they’ve shaped what you want to do next?

A: Thanks for having me! I would definitely choose doing a song for the Venom movie with one of my absolute favorite rappers on it – Pusha T. I’ve always loved branding music where you can join creative artistry from an artist and make it fit into a brand tone. I also had the opportunity to do it for Vodafone has the official Vodafone music!

Bruno, who are some of the artists or producers you really look up to and hope to jam with in the future? 

A: Worldwide I would always choose Kanye West, he’s been an inspiration of mine since the beginning. Also would love to collaborate with FNZ.

So what’s your take on the music scene right now? Any changes you’re itching to see, especially when it comes to making sure producers like yourself get the recognition and rewards they deserve?

A: I’m seeing a growing cultural move around the nostalgia of Fado music in other genres, from urban to latin overall. So having Fado recognition worldwide would be huge for my country. I feel that a lot of the times music producers are in the forefront of new music genres and blends, and we as a community don’t actually have the rightful recognition for having a vision that impacts culture. Would love to see more awards for music producers and to bring us more and more into the forefront of music innovation.

Joining up with Unison Rights sounds like a big move. What’s got you most pumped about it, and how do you reckon it’s gonna shake things up for your music?

A: The platform and digital innovation were the winners for me. I feel that CMO’s being non-profits, sometimes lack the hustle and business vision to go after technological solutions to improve writers revenue. Unison proved that!

Bruno, looking back on your journey, any stories or lessons about the importance of locking down those music publishing rights?

A: I’ve been signed and unsigned, and I don’t know anyone who – after being signed – would say that having a publishing deal is a must. Understanding contracts and how music publishing works is extremely important to ensure we make the right business decision that in the end will keep our headspace on creative mode all the time.

Looking ahead, what do you think’s gonna keep you on top of your game as a music producer? And how are you planning to make the most of it?

A: For me is vision, always. I try to keep it simple, ‘Do I have a vision for this song?’ if it’s a yes, I’ll jump on it with everything I have in me. If it’s a no, I respectfully decline the project. Having a vision, even when it’s a very small vision, gives me so much drive to work and I grabbed it with a lot of focus and energy.

Alright Bruno, as you keep blazing your trail, how’re you gonna balance that raw creativity with the nitty-gritty of the music biz? Just curious to know what’s your strategy to keep the vibes alive, you know?

A: It’s hard, but the cliché works – have the Right people beside you. It took me over a decade working as a music producer to really understand what ‘Right people’ means.


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