Jordi Puy (CEO), interviewed by Industria Musical

Jordi Puy, CEO of Unison, was recently interviewed by Industria Musical, the leading platform for music business trends in the Spanish-speaking market. In it, Jordi talks about the first year of operation of Unison and how he sees the future of the sector in an ecosystem full of challenges and changes.

He also mentions the organisation’s objectives until the end of the year and how the sector is moving in a direction in which revenues from digital exploitation will be the main source of income for artists and composers. “There is still a long way to go, but this is clearly the direction”.

He also talked about new industry trends such as the sale of music catalogues and NFTs as a digital asset.

As he says, “Unison’s path as an innovative player has no final destination, it is our commitment to innovation in rights management as a way of existence”.

You can read the full interview here (in spanish).

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