Unison: the revolution in copyright management

Beginning operations in the most difficult year of the last decades on a global level has not been easy. But no one said that creating an alternative to collective management models for music royalties was easy either. Despite the monumental challenges, during our first 12 months we have grown to manage rights in more than 800,000 musical works, quadrupled the number of clients (more than 200, from more than 12 countries), be admitted as an RME Client in CISAC and closed more than 65 agreements with international entities, representing already 4 entities in pan-European digital licensing, among many other achievements. 

And most importantly, we have multiplied our clients’ digital royalty revenues, even reaching exponential growth compared to previous years with other collecting societies. 

How have we achieved these milestones and what is the added value we offer? 

We have a team of professional experts in the management of intellectual property rights in music, with an absolute dedication to offer the best possible service to our clients:

– We own the best rights management technology. Our platform provides a metadata management solution and is an important source of information for rights management and business development decisions. 

– Identifying uses and clearing royalties: being able to access all identified uses —knowing where and when the music was played, the money collected and distributed, and the reason why. 

– We are transparent in our management.

– Our dedicated team is made up of top operational, IT, negotiation, legal and licensing experts, who provide specific attention to each client through our account managers.

Our commitment and technological approach has allowed us to multiply the digital copyright revenues of many of our clients, identifying inconsistencies and deficiencies in management and finding the most efficient solutions for the treatment of their copyrights. 

If in the most complex year of the last decades Unison has managed to consolidate its position in the national and international sector, what will we not achieve in the years to come?

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