Verifi launches the first blockchain data engine with partner Unison

Verifi Media (Verifi), the media-tech innovator of dynamic music data management solutions, is expanding its ground-breaking solutions and launching the recorded music industry’s first blockchain-anchored data engine and registration service for musical works with Unison as inaugural partner.

At Unison we are integrating Verifi’s data engine for rights management organisations to continue powering our global administration platform. We currently manage 740,000 copyrights for over 120 clients, including leading songwriters, producers, music publishers, and other international CMOs. Through the partnership we become the world’s first music rights management organisation to work with blockchain technology from inception. 

Verifi’s breakthrough data engine empowers the entire recorded music supply chain with an unprecedented, game-changing technology solution to historic, complex problems resulting from incompatible data, and ever-changing rights owners and distributors. It offers a newfound level of capabilities to bolster and propel the individual approaches being used in the industry to register and manage both copyrighted works and recordings data, as well as media assets.

Our CEO Jordi Puy has shown a great enthusiasm for this new stage: We are thrilled to be working with Verifi in such a ground-breaking project. After years of hard work and innovation, the music works ownership data management platform that we dreamed of is now a reality. We believe that Verifi’s data engine will help bring more transparency into the global music data ecosystem, which will decisively enable a fairer and faster distributions”. And he adds: “Now more than ever we need to apply technology to support creators and contribute to improve music copyright usage identification, collection, and distribution. We hope that every stakeholder, from writers to independent and major publishers, as well as to rights management organisations, will join this revolution for the benefit of all“.

In partnership with many media companies, Verifi’s music, tech, and finance experts developed and tested the multiparty, interoperable data engine over four years and cracked the code. With a completely reinvented approach to determining who owns and administers the rights to a song, the solution leverages the most advanced technologies, including enterprise blockchain, AI, data scoring, and audio watermarking. Fostering collaboration and communication, the data engine streamlines complex metadata and media asset management with a significantly better way to manage changes in both internal and external data.

Verifi’s blockchain registration service provides a shared, immutable, and distributed system of historical records of updates and changes that can be authenticated and verified. The system facilitates data sharing and updates by permissioned stakeholders associated with each catalog. Additionally, public-facing information for registered data is available on the searchable Verifi public data registry at

In June, Verifi launched its first commercial service for recordings to support product and asset data management by digital distributors, major and indie labels, artists, DSPs, and other stakeholders. FUGA, an industry-leading music distribution company, was the first to make Verifi tools available to their clients who can opt-in through FUGA’s platform. With Verifi’s blockchain data engine and registration service now available for both recordings and copyrighted works, the company is currently in new development to align industry verticals within the same data hub environment to share data. This will allow Verifi clients to take advantage of better dynamic data for their businesses.

For years we have been developing and testing our approach to solving overarching ownership data problems to help fast-forward transformation of the music industry into a data-driven business. We’re really excited to make these critically-needed, modern solutions available and launch our blockchain data engine and registration service that can better support stakeholders across the entire recorded music value chain,” said Ken Umezaki, Co-Founder and CEO of Verifi Media.

We’re proud to unveil the Verifi data engine for rights management organisations with our first IME partner Unison. Unison is a progressive organisation firmly focused on innovation and providing complete transparency, higher levels of accuracy and efficiency, and maximum income for its community. Verifi’s solutions are uniquely designed to help them deliver these superior results for their clients,” added Allen Bargfrede, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Verifi Media.

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