Celebrating 2 Million Musical Works

In Unison we are celebrating one further achievement: we now manage rights in an excess of 2 million musical works. Behind this milestone figure there are more than 300 clients that have trusted Unison for the management of their music publishing rights. 

In the last 18 months we have become a true digital rights licensing hub, managing multi-territorial digital collections and serving individual writers and creators, independent publishing companies and international collective management organisations and IMEs. Good examples of this fast development are the numerous deals announced in the first half of 2021, including agreements with organisations such as CAPASSO in South Africa or Smart Rights and SOCINPRO in Brazil.

Thanks to our tech and management efficiencies, we have delivered a solid digital income growth for our clients. By way of example, we have increased over 5x revenue for independent publishing companies that have trusted Unison for the collection of digital rights within the EU territory. And in the case of DIY independent writers with no previous affiliations, we have delivered well needed income for many artist composers who had never seen authors’ rights income before. 

We have also remarkably expanded our international network for offline collections, covering offline usages’ royalties for our clients through our international agreements’ network in more than 100 countries.

We are immensely thankful to all the clients that trust Unison for the management of their rights. It is our commitment to continue to serve them in the best possible way with efficiency and transparency through technology and a team of dedicated experts working relentlessly on our mission.

Jordi Puy, Unison’s CEO. 

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