New collaboration agreement with Brazilian SOCINPRO

Following our recent agreements with Smart Rights, SADIA and CAPASSO, now we sign with Brazilian CMO SOCINPRO a collaboration agreement for Pan-European collection of digital rights on behalf of Brazilian writers and publishers.

Thanks to this collaboration agreement, we will collect digital publishing rights, both mechanical and public performance, on behalf of SOCINPRO for all the European territories. It ensures a fast and transparent management of digital publishing rights in these countries for SOCINPRO’s members.

Brazilian music market has always been, and still is, a pole for the creation, composition and production of fantastic music. A true trend maker in the global music market. According to the IFPI’s latest Global Music Report, Brazil is the 10th largest recorded music market globally, with Central and South America proving to be the fastest-growing region for the fifth consecutive year in 2019. CISAC’s Global Collections reports also show Brazil in the top 10 countries for music collections with €194 million (a 2.3% share of world collections).

Our CEO Jordi Puy declared: It is a great honour and a very exciting mandate to serve SOCINPRO for digital collections in Europe”. And further added:This is a further example of our commitment to strengthen relationships with the Brazilian copyrights sector and with like-minded organisations in the country such as SOCINPRO. It makes us very happy to be working together for a better remuneration for the digital usage of Brazilian music in Europe”.

Jorge Costa SOCINPRO’s CEO, also declared: We are very happy and honoured to celebrate this partnership with UNISON, which will represent an opening for SOCINPRO of the digital market in the European Continent with a significant increase in our revenue, and, consequently, a better distribution of royalties to our thousands of associates. Furthermore, we are taking a new and significant step in the protection of intellectual rights in the digital field at the international level. We are sure that we will continue together for many years to defend our common interests”.


SOCINPRO, the Brazilian Society for the Administration and Protection of Intellectual Rights founded in 1962, has its trajectory marked by struggles in the defence and protection of copyright in the country. It is one of the six member societies that form and manage the ECAD and the third in collection in the country.

Among its founders are great icons of music, such as Martinho da Vila, Maysa, Roberto Carlos, Alcione. Nowadays, and it has more than 13 thousand associates, among them, Ivan Myazato, Cesar Menotti&Fabiano, Silvio Cesar, Zezé Motta, Neguinho da Beija Flor, Leonardo e Zé Felipe, Ellen de Lima, Joelma, Rick&Renner, Altay Velloso, Doris Monteiro, Petrúcio Amorim, Bel Marques, Xandy de Pilares, Luiz Vieira, great icons of the Brazilian music market.

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